Photo Story: Try a new thing


Photo Name: Try a new thing

When: March, 2012

Where: Bolzano, Italy

Story behind:

It is fun to do something new, isn’t it? After studying in Italy for one semester, my life settled down into a routine. Before getting bored, I decided to try something new.

At that time I wanted to do something that I had never done before. And, I also did not want to do something related to the computer anymore. After searching for a while, I decided to buy a ukulele from the musical shop near my dormitory. I had never played any music instruments before, so it was not that easy to start learning by myself in the beginning even if there were many tutorials available on Youtube.

Ukulele is similar to guitar, but it is smaller and instead of six strings, ukulele employs only four strings. One of the reasons that I chose ukulele was its size. The one that I bought was quite small enough to put it into my luggage. When I moved to Sweden for my second year of the study, I also brought it with me. After playing it one year and a half, I admitted that I did not play it well. I knew I had to practice a lot more. But, at least I tried a new thing!


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