Photo Story: Tum Dong Dang… I wanna eat it again


Photo Name: Tum Dong Dang…I wanna eat it again

When: October, 2010

Where: Loei, Thailand

Story behind:

Thai salad is one of the most famous Thai foods. It is a Thai dish that you could easily find in Thai restaurants abroad. This dish is called “Som Tum” and usually is made from shredded unripe papaya (green papaya) mixed with garlic, chilies, tomato, peanuts, and dried shrimps.  

There are many versions of Som Tum, and the one in this photo I saw it only once when I visited Loei, a province in northeastern Thailand. They call it that “Tum dong dang”. In this version, not only papaya, but they also put dong dang noodle in the dish. This noodle is similar to Khanom chin, but it is stickier. Same as other versions of Som Tum, it tastes spicy, sour, and sweet. I do miss it and want to eat it again!

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