Photo Story: Useful knowledge


Photo Name: Useful knowledge

When: March, 2013

Where: Karlskrona, Sweden

Story behind:

I learned many useful skills when I was young; in school, I learned how to cook, sew, clean the house, and so on. But when I grew up (during my high school time), like other Thai students, I studied hard. I paid attention to the knowledge that was required for admission to universities such as mathematics, sciences, and English language only. As a result, I passed the admission exams. I got accepted to faculty of computer science at one of the best universities in Thailand. Until now I still remember the math formula for circle area and circle circumference.

I took this photo while living in Sweden; the bean sprouts there were very expensive especially comparing with the price in Thailand. One day I saw my friend put the green beans in to the pan together with tissue papers and water. I asked him what he was doing and he said “Grow bean sprouts” and asked me back “Didn’t you learn it in school?” Of course, most of Thai students learned to grow bean sprouts in schools. And I forgot it!

I realized at that time that while growing up, I gradually forgot many valuable skills that I learned in primary school and still remember the things that I rarely use these days. What a shame!

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