Photo Story: Venicebook


Photo Name: Venicebook

When: September, 2011

Where: Venice, Italy

Story behind:

Who does not know Facebook?  Who does not have a Facebook account? I know there are some, but maybe not too many because Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. But, how about Venicebook?

The “Venicebook” is about another story. It is not related with social networking at all, it is a design on a t-shirt. To be precise, for me, it is an awesome design. I stumbled upon this t-shirt in, of course, Venice. It was hung in one of the stalls selling souvenirs that I walked pass in Venice. It caught my eyes because of a familiar screenshot printed on it. Even if it is in Italian language and I do not know the language, I do recognize that it is a Facebook’s screenshot.

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