Photo Story: Walking on the sea


Photo Name: Walking on the sea

When: December, 2012

Where: BTH, Karlskrona, Sweden

Story behind:

Walking on the sea!!!

It was not a magic. Not only walking, we could run or even ride a bicycle on the sea!!!

For Swedish or people who live in the cold countries, it might be something normal for them to walk on the sea like this, but for me, it was an amazing experience!

I took this photo in front of my university. Even if seeing many students standing safely on the sea like that, I hesitated to try. Some of my Asian friends also denied walking on the sea. We were afraid to sink into the sea…well, to be precise, frozen sea.

Two months passed, the sea was still frozen. It seemed like it was still waiting for me to walk on it. So, I decided to take this chance because I was sure it would be a lifetime experience!

The evidence is shown below!


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