Photo Story: what i missed the most


Photo Name: What I missed the most

When: April, 2012

Where: Bolzano, Italy

Story behind:

What do you miss the most when you are abroad?

For me, Even if I enjoyed life abroad, I did miss family and friends, but what I missed the most was Thai foods!

I wanted to see my family and friends, and talked to them in person. Even if I could not do so, the internet helped a lot. I talked to my mom quite often, when I was in Europe. I talked to my friends from time to time.

But for the food, I was not good at cooking and the ingredients especially vegetables and seasonings that were required to cook Thai foods were not easy to find. That’s why I missed them the most. Lucky me, I knew some Thai housewives. Unsurprisingly, all of them were really good at cooking. They always cooked together. I was very glad when they invited me. This photo was taking when I had lunch with them; it was one of my best meals while living abroad!


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