Photo Story: When four girls lived together


Photo Name: When four girls lived together

When: September, 2008

Where: Sydney, Australia

Story behind:

This photo was taken in a shared bathroom in an apartment that I lived in Sydney for a month. At that time, I lived with other four Thai girls and we did not share only bathroom, but also bedroom. Actually there were nine people in this apartment and we all shared kitchen and living rooms.

Personally I preferred private room where I could do anything I wanted, but for me the rental price in Sydney was horrendous. So I decided to rent a shared bedroom. Before moving in, I wondered how four people could live together in the same bedroom; I was worried about privacy. After moving in for a week or so, I then realized that I was too worried. Maybe because we spoke the same language and had the same culture, it did not take much time for me to get used to living with the others at this apartment. And from this situation, I learned that human being can adapt to its surrounding even in the difficult ones. Do you agree?

P.S. now we all moved back to Thailand and we are still friend.

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