Photo Story: When I got lost


Photo Name: When I got lost

When: June, 2012

Where: Genoa, Italy

Story behind:

I am not good at directions and reading maps, so getting lost is always a part of my traveling. Well, actually it is a big part! I still remember the days that I was afraid to travel alone because I was afraid to get lost. But, I changed; now I accept it as a part of my journey and I am not afraid to travel alone anymore. In fact, I become a person who really enjoys traveling alone.

I met these two girls while I was wandering in Genoa. At that time, I got lost. I knew the destination; I knew where I wanted to go, but I did not know how to go. I met them in front of a church in the city’s old town and I asked them how to go to a street in the city. They were Italian. They did not speak English, while I did not speak Italian. But, they tried very hard to explain me. Still, I did not understand them. So, they decided to draw a map telling me how to walk. At that time, I thought they were really nice and I really appreciated what they did.

After getting a hand drawn map from them, I started to walk. Then, they started to walk too. They told me to follow them; they would walk me to the street! Honestly, I was really surprised and of course very grateful for their help. Getting lost is not a waste of time!


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