Photo Story: You are beautiful


Photo Name: You are beautiful

When: December, 2012

Where: Cinque Terre, Italy

Story behind:

I came across this “you are beautiful” sticker, while I walked from Riomaggiore Village to Manarola Village. When I first saw it, I just laughed and said “Thanks!… Yes, I am”.

Then, I wondered who did this and why they did it. So, I googled it, and I was surprised with the result. There is a website selling this sticker. And this sticker is not just a sticker, it is an idea. Actually it is a great idea and I love it!

The people behind this project have a mission to “make life a little better” by spreading these three words printed on a sticker anywhere in the world. It is a fun way to do something for strangers. It started with 100 stickers in 2002 and now this little sticker is shared over 1 million times around the world.

P.S. You can join the movement by ordering the sticker from the website.

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