Phu Soi Dao National Park…My first trekking experience

Phu Soi Dao National Park (or อุทยานแห่งชาติภูสอยดาว in Thai) is located in Phitsanulok and Uttaradit Provinces in northern Thailand.

Res, my ex-colleague invited me to go there. I did not realize that it was a trekking trip, so I did not prepare myself much. We had about 20 people in our groups. I did not know all of them before except Res, but I made a lot of friends during the trip.


It was 6.5 km distance from ground to the summit mixing both easy and difficult walk paths. I didn’t take many photos during the trekking because I concentrated with the path (So, thanks everyone who took photos during trekking). It took me 6 hours to reach the summit, while only 2 hours for my friend!

PhuSoiDao02 PhuSoiDao03

We also needed to prepare foods by ourselves as well. We had to carry the kitchen utensil up to the summit. Luckily, the porters were available for hire at the ground.


There was no accommodation available. I had to sleep in a tent and it was my first time sleeping in a tent. Of course, it was not a 5-star hotel, but it was, for me, a million-star hotel. We could see the stars clearly. I felt… it was not comfortable at all (as I expected) and I heard the bloke in the next tent snore thunderously. Well… it was a new experience for me.


After the trip I, who do not exercise on a regular basis, felt so painful! It was very difficult to walk especially walk up or down stairs!!! So, I do recommend everyone to prepare yourself before you trek.

The best month to go is August and September because these two months you will have much chance to see Dok Ngon Nak (Murdannia giganteum). I very enjoyed taking photos with the blossoms.

 PhuSoiDao06 PhuSoiDao07

PS. Thanks Ton, my friend who organized the trip and shared me beautiful photos below of Phu Soi Dao. You can find him on facebook here.

 PhuSoiDao08 PhuSoiDao09 PhuSoiDao10 PhuSoiDao11

Have you ever been to Phu Soi Dao? Have you ever trekked? Share you experience with me in the comment!


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