Pineapple… a Thai inspirational short film

Pineapple is an inspirational short film under “Sarn Rak” Project from AIS Company. The films under this project are about the inspiration from families.

This short film is based on true story. It is the story of a mother who makes a living by selling fruits, her daughter, and pineapple. She did not go to school and does not know how to teach her daughter. The film shows us how she raises and teaches her little daughter. And in 2013, her daughter graduated bachelor degree from a university in Thailand.

In Thailand, parents who lack education still can be found. I love how this mother teaches her child. This is one of the great Thai advertisements that I have seen. It might inspire you one way or another.

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Have you ever seen this Thai advertisement before? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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