Pirate Ship… A boat noodle restaurant

Do you know the boat noodles at Victory Monument? These boat noodles are popular for not only Thai, but also tourists. What make it famous is the size of the bowl and the price per bowl. If you have never heard about this, you can read the detail from the link above.

I have reviewed the boat noodles at Victory Monument. This time I am going to review restaurant named “Pirate Ship”, the boat noodles restaurant at Siam Square One.


I found this restaurant by chance after a long hour of shopping. I love noodles, and I wanted to try this restaurant promptly after seeing the photos and menu in front of the restaurant.

BoatNoodle08 BoatNoodle09

After stepping into the restaurant, I then understood why they named the restaurant Pirate Ship. The restaurant looked nice and clean. I loved how they decorated it.

BoatNoodle10 BoatNoodle11

Staff brought me to the vacant table. Similar like other restaurants, on every table there were utensils, flavouring, drinking water, and a box of tissue papers. Besides, there were also pork rinds which were good to eat together with boat noodles, and Kha Nom Tuay or Thai coconut rice custard.

BoatNoodle12 BoatNoodle13

Let’s look at the menu. I was surprised that the menu was done in Thai language only. It might be difficult for foreigners to order the food, but it is possible. When I was there, I saw a group of tourists ordering and eating there too.

(Upper Left) They had 2 sizes and also 2 prices for the boat noodles. For the one that came in a bowl, it costed 18 baht and for the one that came in a hot pot, it costed 85 baht.

To order the boat noodles, it was easy. First choose the type of noodles and then choose the meat. They had 8 types of noodles and two types of meat which are pork and beef.

I believed that the staffs could help the foreigners on this.

(Upper Right) They had appetizers and snacks such as fried dumplings, fried fish ball, and Satay. Satay was the recommended menu.

(Lower Left) For the desserts, they had ice-cream, toast bread, and roti.

(Lower Right) For the drinks, they had drinking water, cold green tea, soft drinks, and juice.


For the main course, besides boat noodles, they also had several dishes of ramen.


I ordered 4 bowls of noodles. Mama noodles (or instant noodles) are my favorite and I recommend.

BoatNoodle16 BoatNoodle17

After finishing the noodles, I ate Kha Nom Tuay. Two cups of Kha Nom Tuay costed 15 baht. To eat this dessert, I used the small plastic spoon.

BoatNoodle18 BoatNoodle19

All in all, the food and service were good. I liked both noodles and desserts. This meal costed me only 99 baht. Even if the price of boat noodles here was more expensive than the price of boat noodles at Victory Monument, I still felt that it was cheap. Usually it costs more than 150 baht per meal when eating around Siam Square. Besides, there was no service charge. However, since the staffs did their jobs very well, I tipped them.

Actually I wanted to try many dishes, but I was there alone. This is the restaurant that I want to revisit!


Update: March, 2016

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pirateshipnoodles

Location & How to get there: The restaurant is located at the fifth floor, Siam Square One. The shopping mall is connected directly with BTS Skytrain at Siam Station.

Price: about 100-200 baht

Have you ever been to Pirate Ship Restaurant? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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