Pisa… I want to make mistakes

Many tourists go to Pisa just to pose for photographs pretending to hold the leaning tower up and prevent it from falling, so this city is recommended to skip if you have a time limit. Well, I was not in that case because I was in Italy for 11 months. I had plenty of time, thus Pisa was included in my itinerary.


However, I did not spend long time there. I reached Pisa in the afternoon, spent one night there, and left Pisa in the morning. Half a day was enough for me to see the leaning tower and to see people around hold it up (I was the one who posed like that).


I wanted to go there because I wanted to see the well-known unique mistake.  As you may know, Pisa was originally planned to stand vertically, but the tower began leaning before finished building it due to an unstable foundation. The builders tried to fix it but no one was able to straighten the tower.

I decided not to go up when I was there because of the 15-Euro ticket price and the long line. I thought it was not worth the expensive ticket price. Besides, I also had to stand in a queue at least one hour; I preferred to lie down on the grass and had a rest.


Sitting there and watching people in the queue about one hour taught me that…making mistake is not a big deal…at all. It could turn to be an architectural beauty and make a lot of money…I want to make mistakes.



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