Platinum Mall Food Court – Review

The Platinum Fashion Mall is a popular shopping mall in Bangkok. It is well-known for fashion clothes and accessories serving both retail and wholesale customers. My friends and I have been to this mall several times. You can see my review of this mall here. In the review, I wrote about what you can expect to buy at this mall and things to know before going there. In this blog post, I aim to review the food court of The Platinum Fashion Mall which sells both local and international foods.

The Platinum Fashion Mall is not only a great place for shopping, but also a great place for eating. I believe that you know that if you come to Thailand, what you cannot miss is Thai street food. And, the food court at Platinum offers a variety of delicious street foods. You don’t have to worry about the cleanliness and how to order. Most of the shops provide Thai, English, and Chinese menus.

The food court here is quite huge. Well, it looks small when comparing with the number of customers. If you come in group and want to sit together, it might not easy to find seats to sit together. If you come alone, you might buy the food first and then find the seat.

Let’s see what foods are sold at this food court.

The first one is stewed pork leg with rice. They also have stewed pork knuckle with rice and crispy pork with rice. This dish is popular for local. We usually eat it at lunch time and it is easily found in Bangkok.

The second one is noodle soup with stewed duck. They also have rice with stewed duck. 

The third one is fish ball noodle (Tom-Yum). They offer both dry and soup. This is my favorite one because I like fish ball and I like Tom Yum soup (hot and sour Thai soup).

Next is Kuay Chap or Rolled Noodles in Five Spice Broth. This one is also popular and can easily found in Bangkok.

Shell to fry and Pad Thai (a stir-fried rice noodle). Pad Thai is a must-eat dish for visitors, and I recommend you to eat with shell to fry. please note that shell to fry are oily, but it is tasty! I usually choose the ones that are served with hot pan.

Next is food order or Thai a la carte. If you come in group, you can order several dishes and eat with rice.

Next is boat noodle. This one is also can be found around in Bangkok. Well, the well-known one is at Victory Monument. You can read my review here.

Next is Hainanese Chicken Rice. They offer both chicken and fried chicken. And, you can order both versions in one dish.

Next is rice with curry. The foods are ready to serve. Usually we order two or three foods to eat with rice.

Next is Som Tam or green papaya salad which is a must-try dish. This food stall offers a variety of Som Tam. We usually eat Som Tam with sticky rice.

Next is Indian food. 

Next is rice with curried chicken (Muslim food). They offer Thai Chicken Biryani, Thai Fried Chicken Biryani, chicken soup, and also noodles.

Next is vegetarian foods. So, if you are vegetarian, no worries!

Besides, they also have Roti Mataba. You can have it as a dessert at the end of your meal.

Thai desserts and juice are also available. Coconut juice is recommended.

Besides, I also found Japanese food in the food court as well: Tomato Noodle and Yotori.

I also have observed the price and found that it is about the same as the price at street restaurants. It might be a little bit more expensive in some food stalls, but this is in an A/C building. So, it is worth the price, isn’t it?

If the food court is too crowded, you might try the restaurant. They have Fuji Restaurant, Yum Saap, Jeffer, KFC, and Tummour.


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