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Living in a country is different from traveling to a country. If you are planning to live in Bangkok, there are many things that you have to buy. And, I am sure that one of them would be the electric appliances such as washing machine, refrigerator, air-conditioner, and so on because they are not worth bringing from your country.

PowerBuy is a well-known electric appliances retailer for people who live in Bangkok. You can find PowerBuy in many shopping malls in Bangkok.


Last week I went to CentralWorld. I walked pass the shop and decided to drop by and take a photo to show you how the shop is. At CentralWorld, PowerBuy shop is very big. I believe that it is the biggest branch in Bangkok.

When I stepped into the shop, I first saw mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and accessories such as headphones.

PowerBuy02 PowerBuy03

Inside the shop, there were many home appliances such as irons, rice cookers, hair dryers, TVs, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, washing machines, fans, and air-conditioners. And each product had many brands available for you to choose.

PowerBuy04 PowerBuy05 PowerBuy06

If you want to look around, I do recommend CentralWorld branch because it is not only big, but also located in the city center (you can reach the mall by BTS).

I recommend you to check the promotion or discount from its website before going to the shop. If you have what you want in mind and you do not want to go to the shop, you can order it online from its website.

Powerbuy offers shipping and delivery service within Thailand. You can check the delivery fee here.

Update: January, 2015

Location/ How to get there: You can usually find PowerBuy shop in Central shopping malls, Robinson shopping malls, and other malls such as BIG C and Tesco Lotus.

Website: http://www.powerbuy.co.th/en/

Have you ever bought an electric appliance from PowerBuy? How was your experience?  Share it with me in the comment!

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