Pratunam Market… a wholesale shopping market in Bangkok

Pratunam Market is a well-known area for wholesale of fashion clothing and accessories in Bangkok. Even if it is popular for wholesale, you can buy only one or two items from many shops.

Instead of shopping in The Platinum Fashion Mall, I sometimes cross the footbridge to Pratunam Market. Shopping in this market is a different experience from shopping in the mall. And, for me, it requires more energy!

Pratunam Market is an open-air shopping area. And as you may know, Bangkok is hot all year long especially in April, so I have to prepare myself for this. Besides, the market is always over crowded, so it is difficult to choose the product.

There are many female clothing. Walk deeper into the market. It seems like the shopping street does not have its end.

Pratunam03 Pratunam04

Since it is a wholesale market, sometimes I am blocked by people.


You can expect to see people with big bags or even luggage.


Some people sell foods or park their motorcycles in the middle of the street.


If you want to buy wholesale clothing or want a unique shopping experience, I do recommend this market. But, if you just want to buy cheap clothing, I recommend the platinum fashion mall. Shopping in the air conditioned building is more comfortable.

Update: December, 2014

How to get there: The market is located opposite The Platinum Fashion Mall. If you start from the mall, you just cross the footbridge. Then, you will see another big shopping mall. Walk into that building, and find the escalator to go down one level. Try to find the exit side door. When you get out of the building, you will see many people and car. Just walk into that alley and start shopping!



Opening Hours: It is quite confused about the opening hours even among locals. This is the information I have got from Pratunam facebook fanpage

Morning Market – Everyday from 05.00 to 09.00 (local people usually go to the market this time for wholesale shopping)

Normal Market – Everyday from 08.00 to 15.00

Evening Market – Everyday from 05.00 to 21.00

Have you ever been to Platunam Market? How was your experience? Did you enjoy shopping there? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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