Prices of clothes in Bangkok/ Thailand

Bangkok is a great city for shoppers. It has several markets and malls around the town. You can buy a variety of cheap products especially clothing here. If you wonder how cheap the clothes in Bangkok are, you have come to the right place. In this post, I intend to share you the prices of clothes I found in the markets in Bangkok. Hope it is useful.

The day before I walked around the markets near my office building. I found skirts and jean shorts at 60 baht.


The fashion blouse and t-shirts at 100 baht.


The long pants at 100 baht.


And the photos below were taken from the markets near my home. I found the pajamas at 100 baht and 129 baht.


The fashion clothing at 150 – 200 baht.


besides, at the other markets in Bangkok, I found t-shirts for men at around 195-295 baht.


The dress for women at 120-200 baht.


The fashion accessory is also cheap and can be found in the market too. I found the sandal at 79 baht and fashion shoes at 100-259 baht.


This is the typical prices for clothes that you can see in Bangkok’s markets. You can negotiate with sellers to get a better price. And usually if you buy more, you tend to get a discount. What you have to prepare is the cash. All shops and stalls at the markets usually do not accept credit card and the ATM machine might not be easily found.

Enjoy shopping!


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