Queen Victoria Building… the beautiful shopping center in Sydney

Queen Victoria Building (QVB) is a four-storey shopping center building located in Sydney CBD (Center Business District). The building was built in Roman style. It is the most beautiful shopping center I have ever seen.

I first saw this building from my friend’s photos and she told me that this building was a shopping center in Sydney. At that time I thought all shopping malls in Australia would be beautiful like this, but actually they were not. QVB is much more beautiful than the other buildings.


This building is filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants. I love its architecture and its design both exterior and interior. The elaborate ceilings, staircases, patterned tile floors and also the stained glass windows make this building gorgeous. Besides, the displays such as Royal Clock and Great Australian Clock are the things that attracted me and my friends to visit this building.

QueenVictoriaBuilding02 QueenVictoriaBuilding03



For me, QVB is one of interesting places in Sydney. This shopping center is a good place for shopping and also for photo shooting. If you plan to go to Sydney, do not forget to visit this building. It is very easy to get there by public transportation; you can go there either by train or by bus, and it opens every day.

Have you ever been to Sydney? Have you visited Queen Victoria Building? Do you like the building? Share your experiences with me in the comment!

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