Ravenna… a city of mosaics

Have you ever heard the city called Ravenna?

I am not surprised if your answer is no. I also had not known this city before. But, one day while I was searching information to plan a summer trip in Italy, I stumbled upon to a website inspiring me to visit Ravenna, the city in northeastern Italy. Unfortunately, I cannot find the site while I am writing this post (If I find it, I’ll link to it). Thing that makes me want to visit this city is mosaics.

Just mosaics? Yes, but it was not just mosaics.

I arrived this city in the afternoon. While I walked from the train station to the city center, I saw the pillar which was decorated with mosaics. The pillar was not that gorgeous, but I was surprised. I expected to see mosaics here, but I did not expect to see them everywhere in the city!


I walked pass the streets, shops and the square while finding the tourist information center in order to buy a ticket to enter the eight attractions where I could see the beautiful mosaics.

When I was there, it was not much crowded. Actually it should be, because it was summer. Well, maybe tourists were in Rome, Florence, or Venice and did not even know that this city existed.


After getting the ticket from tourist information center, I headed up to the attractions.

All the buildings that I visited looked normal from the outside, but when I stepped into, it was another story. I was amazed and overwhelmed with how ancient people assembled small pieces of colored tiles. Everything was well maintained. I could not believe that it was built 1500 years ago because the intricate mosaics were still colourful.

 Ravenna03 Ravenna04

Here are the mosaics inside the buildings.

Ravenna05 Ravenna06 Ravenna07

If I am not wrong, seven buildings are located within a walking distance in the city and only one building is located outside the city center. 

 Ravenna08 Ravenna09

Along the way, I saw stuffs decorated with mosaics. I loved how they emphasized that this was a city of mosaics.


The city is not so big. Half a day is enough to see the main attractions. For me, it is worth visiting and If I go back to Italy, Ravenna will be one of the cities that I will revisit.

P.S. Forgive me for my bad camera. It was hard to make good photos inside the buildings 🙁

Have you ever been to Ravenna?  Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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