Recommended shopping places on Sukhumvit Road

Sukhumvit is a very long long road in Thailand. The road starts in Bangkok and ends at Trat. In Bangkok, the so-called ‘lower Sukhumvit’ is one of the main business streets in Bangkok. This road is full with hotels, restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, and shopping markets. If you are planning to visit Bangkok for shopping, staying at Sukhumvit Road could be a great choice. Today I am going to recommend you the shopping places on Sukhumvit Road.

Terminal21 – Terminal21 is a trendy and chic shopping mall to hang out which is located at Asoke Intersection, one of the main business areas in Bangkok. It can be reached by both BTS Skytrain and MRT Subway. Going to this shopping mall is like shopping around the world because this mall has a theme for each floor: one floor, one city. You will see Rome, London, Istanbul, and so on. The mall is decorated not only in the shopping area, but also in the toilets! If you love taking photos, you will like this shopping mall. You can see my review of this shopping mall here.


Rain Hill – Rain Hill is a community mall which is not big, but compact. You do not have to walk a lot to reach the shop that you want to go. It is a great place to hang out and have some fashion shops and a supermarket. You can see my review of this shopping mall here.


K Village – K Village is also a community mall. K Village is bigger and has more shops than Rain Hill, but it is not located on the main road. You need to walk around 20 minutes from Phrom Phong BTS Skytrain Station. You can see my review of this shopping mall here.


Emporium Shopping Mall – Emporium is one of the luxury malls in Bangkok. This mall sells both international and local brands. If you are looking for brand name products or quality products, just go to this shopping mall.

Emquartier Shopping Mall – Emquartier is a very new luxury shopping mall in Bangkok. It is located opposite to Emporium. Both of them are part of The EM District, a project that aims to build ‘The Epicenter of Sukhumvit’. Same as Emporium, you can expect to see both international and local brands here.

Gateway Ekamai – Gateway Ekamai is a shopping mall that aims to offer an ambience of Japanese lifestyle to shoppers, but there was only one floor that made me feel like that. Well, if you are a Japanese food lover, you might love this shopping mall. On the M floor, there are many Japanese Restaurants. You can see my review of this shopping mall here.


Sukhumvit Market – Several markets could be found along Sukhumvit Road especially in Nana area. If you are going to buy international brands, be careful. Most stalls in the market sells counterfeit goods. Some markets open all day, while the others open in the late afternoon. The most popular one that is close to my home is ‘Onnut Night Market’. This one is quite different for the ones in lower Sukhumvit. Most stalls sell fashion clothing, handbags, shoes, and so on. Besides, there are food stalls selling local food and beer. I always see foreigners visiting and having dinner at this market.


Have you ever been to these shopping places? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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