Recommended Thai Isan Restaurants in Bangkok

If you are visiting Thailand and want to try Thai food, you should not miss Isan food or northeastern Thai food. Many foreigner including locals said Isan food is the best Thai food. For me, in Bangkok the stalls on streets are the best places for Isan food.

Anyway, if you are tourists and you are afraid of the food on streets, I do have some great Bangkok restaurants that offer great Isan food to recommend you. All of them have English language in the menu, so you do not have to worry about how to order the food. I also eat at these restaurants when I want to eat Isan food in the air conditioned room. You can do so; just check them out!

Sabai Jai Keb Tawan: This one is an independent restaurant, which has only one branch at Ekkamai Road. The restaurant has been open for about 15 years. It is well-known for locals for Isan food. I like its taste and also location which can be reached by BTS Skytrain. You can read my review of this restaurant and important information such as price, opening hours, and so on here.


Yum Saap: This one is a Thai restaurant chain offering variety of Thai tasty salad. This restaurant chain has more than 40 branches in Thailand. You will usually see it in the shopping malls in Bangkok. You can read my review of this restaurant here.


Sansab: This one is a quite new Thai isan restaurant, but it is very popular among locals. I have eaten at this restaurant only once and it now becomes one of my favorite restaurants because of its tasty food. You can read my review of this restaurant here.


Have you ever tried these three Thai Isan restaurants? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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