Recommended Thai Restaurant Chains

I know that restaurant chains sound not interesting. Many people come to Thailand with an intention to try street foods here or maybe prefer eating at independent restaurants. But, these chains usually have branches in the shopping malls. So, they can be your great choice for lunch or dinner, while you are shopping.

While you are in Thailand, in the shopping mall you will see the popular international fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken. But there are also Thai restaurant chains that you might not familiar with. In this post, I will recommend you three popular Thai restaurant chains that are cheap, clean, and delicious.

Yum Saap: This is a Thai restaurant chain serving Isan or northeastern Thai food. If you want to eat ‘Som Tum’ or Thai papaya salad but you do not want to eat at street food stalls, I recommend you to try this restaurant. They have a variety of Thai tasty salad, and also other Thai food. You can see my review of this restaurant here.


MK Suki: This is a Thai-style hot pot (or you might call it Sukiyaki/Shabu Shabu) restaurant chain. On each table, you will have a big hot pot where you will put vegetables and meats that you like in it. It is good to eat with friends or family. Do not forget to order MK Roasted Duck; it is very delicious! The restaurants are always packed during lunch and dinner especially on the weekend. If you go to the restaurant at these two periods, you will see a long line of people waiting to eat MK. You can see my review of this restaurant here.

Joom Zap Hut / Bar-B-Q Plaza: Joom Zap Hut is a hot pot (or Shabu Shabu) restaurant chain, while Bar-B-Q Plaza is a barbecue restaurant chain. Most branches always have both these two style restaurants. When you enter the restaurant, the staff will ask you the style you want. You have to choose one. If you choose Joom Zap Hut, the staff will lead you to the table that has a big hot pot. If you choose Bar-B-Q Plaza, the staff will lead you to the table that has a hot metal dome. Both styles are great!

Have you ever tried these three Thai restaurant chains? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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