Rimini… The forest of parasols

From Ravenna, instead of going directly to San Marino, I stopped and stayed overnight in Rimini because I thought finding a cheap hostel in San Marino would be more difficult than in Rimini and I wanted to see the Italian beach once.

Anyway, I did not plan to spend much time in Rimini. I arrived Rimini in the evening and I chose to stay at the hostel near the beach instead of the old town. After checking in at the hostel, I started wandering around.

Similar like Thailand’s beach town, as I expected, there were tons of restaurants and bars around.

I headed up to the beach. I was kind of shocked at first sight, when I saw the beach. It was full with parasols and camp bed almost everywhere.

 Rimini01 Rimini02 Rimini03

I thought this thing happened only in Thailand. It seemed like maybe it happens with every tourist town. Well, the quality of the parasols and the camp beds is much better than in Thailand. Rimini04

In Thailand, someone who has power over the city put these parasols and camp bed on beaches and I have to pay or I have to order foods if I want to use them. He earns a lot and it is kind of his business. But I think it is not the right thing because it is public beaches!

I do not know about Rimini; I do not know how this city manages about this. Anyway, I walked along the beach, chose one camp bed, and lay down there to relax; I was there more than an hour and no one came to me and asked me to pay anything or order any foods, which was so good! So, I sit there until sunset. Rimini05

The beach itself was nice and I am sure this beach is crowded during the day. Rimini06

For me, this beach is not a must-see place in Italy, but it could be a great destination for your summer in Italy.

Have you ever been to Rimini? Do you like the beach there? Share your experiences with me in the comments!

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