River City Shopping Complex… a mall for antique collectors

River City Shopping Complex is the very first shopping complex on the Chao Phraya River bank. It has been opened since 1984.

Well, I had never been there even once!


Last weekend, I went to Klong San market which is located on the opposite bank of Chao Phraya River. While going back home, my friend and I decide to go inside this shopping complex to walk around and have a look.


As expected, this shopping complex offers restaurants with outdoor terraces. I saw some foreigners taking photos over there.


As expected (again), after stepping into the complex, it is almost empty. As a local, I would say this complex is not popular among local. It is not a place where we usually hang out with friends or family.


There are shops selling high quality antiques such as sculptures, ceramics, and porcelain. I did not walk into the shops and checked the prices, but I product the products over there are not cheap. There are shops selling Thai silk, crafts, jewelry, and so on.

RiverCity05 RiverCity06 RiverCity07 RiverCity08

If you are an antique collector, I do recommend you to check out this place. But if you have a short visit to Bangkok and you are not interested in antiques, you should skip this place. Do not waste your time there!

P.S. there are several markets and malls on the Chao Phraya River bank that you might want to go such as Wang Lang Market, Tha Maharaj, and Asiatique The Riverfront. You can click the links to see reviews of these places.

Update: April, 2015

Location & how to get there:  Si Phaya Pier, Sampantawong, Bangkok

BTS + Boat: Get off the skytrain (BTS) at Saphan Taksin station. Then, take River City Shuttle Boat (It is free!). If you are at Thonburi side, you can take the ferry cross the Chao Phraya River at Klong San Pier to Si Phraya Pier.

Bus: you can take bus no. 36, 45, 93, and 187

Website: http://www.rivercity.co.th/en/

Opening Hours: Daily from 10.00-22.00, for the restaurants, daily from 10.00-23.00

Have you ever been to River City Shopping Complex? Did you like it? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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