Roma Street Parkland… the peaceful place in Brisbane

When I travel in a city, park is not a must-see place for me. But when I live in a city, I always go to its park. I need a place to walk and clear my head. Park is a place where I spend time with myself. And good ideas often come, when I go for a walk.

I had been living in Brisbane for two months. During that time, when I did not know where to go, I always went to Roma Street Parkland, the peaceful park in the middle of Brisbane’s city, and enjoyed walking through the spectacle garden.


Even if now I have been to more than 20 countries and several parks, this park is still one of the beautiful parks for me. I love how they landscape and design the entire garden.

RomaStreetParkland02 RomaStreetParkland03

I was there from mid of June to mid of August, which was winter in Australia. At that time I just only knew that the plants here were well maintained. Well, after living in Europe for 2 years, I am now a little bit surprised. I had never seen the beautiful gardens in winter in Europe; they looked drab during winter. The parks in Europe were maintained again in spring or summer. But, Roma Street Parkland was well maintained even in winter. The park was always colorful when I was there.


Until now, I still do not know why they maintained the park even in winter. Maybe winter in Australia is not that cold, so the trees and flowers can survive. Or maybe they want to have the beautiful park all year round.  Anyway, it is good to have a lively place especially in winter!

RomaStreetParkland06 RomaStreetParkland05

If you go to Brisbane and would like to visit a park, I recommend Roma Street Parkland. It is very easy to go to this park; you can either go there by train or by bus.

Have you ever been to Roma street parkland or Brisbane? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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