Rome… Full of tourist everywhere

I had been living in Italy for one year. A city that I lived in, Bolzano, is in northern Italy. From there, it takes around 6 hours by train to go to Rome, while it takes less hours to go to Munich, Germany or Innsbruck, Austria. Sometimes I felt like I did not live in Italy. That was why I told my friend when I was about to leave Italy for Sweden that I would visit Rome later (I did my master degree in Italy one year and in Sweden one year). I thought I could fly from Sweden to Rome and it would take less than 6 hours for sure. But my Italian friend told me that “If you have not been to Rome, you have not been to Italy”. And he said so many things that made me feel like I have to go to Rome before leaving Italy! And he is right. Rome is a must-see city!!

When I got a map, I did not know where to begin first. The tourist spots were all around the city. Well, one of my friends told me that she did not need a metro or tram day pass ticket while she visited Rome. She told me that the city was big, but all tourist attractions were in a walking distance. And, I believe her. And, she was right, but my feet were very stiff after walking around the city! Comparing to other cities in Europe, Rome is the biggest one and I was very tired walking around this city. So, I think it is good to consider a day pass ticket.

After walking around in Rome, I realized that I did not use a map much. Everywhere was full of tourist and I just followed them to see the attractions. Rome is the most crowded city in Europe that I have seen so far.

I went to Colosseum, the landmark of Rome first. Like I told you the city was full of tourist and it really was.


Trevi Fountain was my favorite tourist spot in Rome. I was amazed with the Italian architecture and more amazed with the number of people around the fountain.

 Rome02 Rome03

Like other tourist, I threw the coins into the fountain and made a wish. I realized later from wiki that each day 3,000 Euros are thrown into the fountain!!!


The fountains in the Piazza Navona also amazed me. I started to realize why this city was full of tourist.

 Rome05 Rome06

Since I love Italian ice cream a lot, I did not hesitate to try tartufo, an Italian ice cream dessert from the shop near the piazza. Many people also ate it. But I was disappointed; I did not like it. For me, the normal ice cream there was better.


The Spanish Steps was another spot that was full of tourist. I also like the fountain in front of the steps; many people filled water in the bottles there. It seemed like Rome was a city of gorgeous fountains.


Even if it was crowded every corner in Rome, I finally found a peaceful place where I could sit and relax. I do not understand how could people sit and relax in the crowded places such as at the Trevi Fountain or at the Spanish Steps. I preferred a quiet place which was free from noise and people like this.


All in all, I was impressed by the city and I always want to visit Rome again. Anyway, Summer in Italy maybe too hot to travel. I visited Rome in early of August and it was 36 degree! I was about to be burned!! If you want to go there, it is good to check the weather first.

Have you ever been to Rome? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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