Ronneby… I just wanted to breathe the air of new place

As you may know, I got Erasmus Mundus Scholarship in software engineering program (EMSE). During my second year, I studied at BTH (Karlskrona, Sweden). The university had 3 campuses: Karlskrona, Karlshamn, and Ronneby. So as a BTH student, I had a right to take a train from Karlskrona to the other two cities for free.

Friends who had got the scholarship in the same program as me told me that during their time, they studied in campus in Ronneby, so they lived in Ronneby. They told me that from time to time they took a train to Karlskrona to walk around in the city.

I also did something similar; I from time to time took a train to Ronneby. Ronneby was not a touristy city. I usually took a train to Ronneby, when I got bored with Karlskrona and wanted to breathe the air of new place. Ronneby was a perfect choice because it was not far and it was free. Just only half an hour by train, I could reach the city of Ronneby.

I thought Karlskrona was a small city, but Ronneby was even smaller. It took me less than half an hour to see the city center.


In summer, the views along the way were so nice.


What I loved the most in Ronneby were the views along the river and the city views from the mountain.

 Ronneby03 Ronneby04 Ronneby05 Ronneby06

Have you ever been to Ronneby? Or have you ever been to somewhere just because you wanted to escape from the place you are living in? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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