Roti Mataba Restaurant on Phra Arthit Road

Today I am going to recommend you a restaurant on Phra Arthit Road, a road in Bangkok’s old town which is very close to Khao San Road.

Roti Mataba Restaurant is one of the popular restaurants for local on this road. Many people always visit and have a meal here when they come to this area.

I have heard about this restaurant so many times, but I had a chance to try it last week. The restaurant is not big. The first floor has 2 main areas: cooking area and eating area. This floor does not have air conditioner. On that day, the weather was very hot, so my friend and I headed up to the second floor which has air conditioner.

PhraAthitRestaurant07 PhraAthitRestaurant08

The menu has 2 languages: Thai and English. You can order it as a meal or just only dessert. Since we were not hungry, we ordered just only 2 dishes to try: Roti Mataba chicken and Banana Roti with condensed milk and chocolate topping.

PhraAthitRestaurant09 PhraAthitRestaurant10

I liked them both. The taste was good, but I did not feel the different between the Roti at this restaurant and the other Roti that I bought from street stalls. If you happen to be around there, you can give it a try.

Update: April, 2015

Location:  On Phra Arthit Road, opposite Phra Sumen Fort (or Pom Phra Sumen), Chana Songkhram, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, from 9.00-21.30 (closed on Monday)

Price: less than 100 per person


Have you ever been to Roti Mataba Restaurant on Phra Athit Road? Do you like it? Share you thought with me in the comment!

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