Royal Chitralada Milk Tablet – Popular candy from Thailand

What is Royal Chitralada Milk Tablet?

Royal Chitralada Milk Tablet is a popular candy in Thailand. It is one of the products from Royal Chitralada Project. Because of the quality of the ingredients and the taste, Thai people like this milk tablet. Even if there are many other brands in the market, but this milk tablet is still the best.

Few years ago, this milk tablet has become difficult to find. Some said that because it is now famous among Chinese tourists. Some shops allow each customer to buy not over 20 packs, and recently not over 6 packs for each family.

Now the price of this milk tablet is 15 baht per pack. However, since its popularity, you might found it in a higher price. My friend said that she found it at 18 baht per pack. I myself do not encourage you to buy it in a higher price except you really want it.

Where to buy royal chitralada milk candy in bangkok?

As I know, you can find it at Royal Project Shops, Golden Place, and Phufa shops, 7-11, and Max Value. These shops will sell Royal Chitralada Milk Tablet in a normal price (15 baht). Well, there are high chance that it will be out of stock. In Bangkok, the Royal Project Shops can be found at Or Tor Kor Market, Don Mueang Airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport and so on.

Recommended other products from Royal Projects

If you cannot find Royal Chitralada Milk Tablet, don’t be sad. The other products under Royal Projects are also high quality and worth trying. If you found products with these two brands (logo below), you can trust the quality of the products.

I personally buy honey, juices, spread, and dried fruits from Royal Projects.


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