Ruk Nee Jae Jad Hai… a Thai romatic comedy lakorn

Ruk Nee Jae Jad Hai is a Thai romantic comedy lakorn that originally aired in 2014 on Channel 3. The lakorn stars Patchata Nampan (Rome), Peeranee Kongthai (Matt), Kanin Chopbradit, and Wansiri Ongamphai.


Ruk Nee Jae Jad Hai is about twin brothers Pete and Paul. Pete is a famous actor in Thailand, while Paul is a photographer traveling around the world.

Pete is a gay, but he keeps it as a secret. Only close friends know about this and Lookjun is one of them. Pete and Lookjun are best friends and live together in a house. One day Pete wants to surprise his boyfriend, but in turn he finds out that his boyfriend is cheating on him. He tries to commit suicide and get injuries. To not being in the news, Pete asked Paul to pretend to be him, while he recovers from injuries. No choice, Paul has to accept.

Paul and Lookjun are getting closer. Unintentionally they fall in love for each other. Lookchan is worried because she knows that Pete is gay and she does not know that the guy she is living with is Paul.

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This lakorn is very funny. Matt is so great in this role. Rome too! When I watched this lakorn, I knew immediately that the guy I was watching was Pete or Paul. If you are looking for a Thai comedy lakorn, I recommend Ruk Nee Jae Jad Hai. 

Have you ever heard of ‘Ruk Nee Jae Jad Hai’? Have you ever watched it? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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