Sale Season in Bangkok Malls

Bangkok is famed as a shopping paradise. This capital city gives you truly unique shopping experience with a huge variety of shopping malls, markets, and specialist shops. If you want to visit Bangkok and want to know when the best time to visit Bangkok for shopping is, this post is for you.

For almost shopping markets in Bangkok, there is no sale period, because the products are on sale all year long. The more you buy, the cheaper you get it. I see the sale sign all the time.

For almost shopping malls in Bangkok, I see the sale sign from time to time. However, the big sale periods are Mid Year (from June to July) and Year End (from November to January).

Well, I have heard many Thai people complain about the sale season in Thailand that it is not a “real” sale. The sellers increase the price first, then give discounts to customers. So, before buying, it is better to check the price over the internet first. And for a visitor, I think if you have a specific product that you want to buy, you should check the price at the malls in your country first. It might cheaper than in Bangkok.

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