Sampeng Market… A wholesale market in Bangkok’s Chinatown

Samepeng Market is a popular market in Yaowarat or Bangkok’s Chinatown area. Many shops here sell both retail and wholesale. It means you have to buy at least 3 or 6 items. However, some shops only sell wholesale. At this market, you can expect to see these products

  • Accessories such as earrings, necklace, and rings
  • Cosmetics such as lipsticks, eyeliners, perfumes, and nail polishes
  • Fashion bags such as handbags and backpacks
  • Stationeries or school supplies such as notebooks, calculators pens, and pencils
  • Gift or souvenirs such as doll, designed keychains
  • Fashion shoes

Sampeng Market is sometimes called Sampeng Lane because this market is located in a narrow but very long alley. Some shops are big and have air-conditioning, while others are just small stalls.

Sampeng01 Sampeng02 Sampeng03

Last weekend, I went to this market and Sampeng is still the same: hustle and bustle of crowds. At this market if you want to visit this market to shop or see the culture or whatever, you should be aware of workers. There are always workers who load goods and move them from the shops to somewhere else. Besides, you should be aware of pickpockets! The walking path in this market is narrow and it is crowded almost all the time.

Sampeng07 Sampeng04 Sampeng05 Sampeng06

For me, I believe that a visit to Bangkok’s Chinatown would not complete, if you do not walk around Sampeng Market. If you plan to shop there, prepare your hands to carry bags!

** Click here for the Sampeng Shopping Guide **

Update: April, 2015

Location & How to get there:  Sampeng lane is located at Soi Wanit 1 which runs parallel to Yaowarat Road. The market does not connect with BTS Skytrain nor MRT Subway. There are many buses passing the market, but I do not recommend tourists to take a bus because you might get lost. The easiest way is to take Chao Phraya Express Boat and get off at Rajchawongse Pier. Then, from the pier, walk straight around 300 meters; you will see the market.

Opening Hours:

  • Early morning: around 2.00-7.00, Monday nights to Saturday nights (closed on Sunday night to Monday morning)
  • In the afternoon: everyday from 8.00-17.00

*** Early morning, the shops mainly wholesale their products and you will get cheaper prices. ***

*** During the festivals such as Chinese New Year, and Songkran (Thai New Year), many shops or stalls might close, but there would be irregular sellers take that space and sell their products. ***

Have you ever been to Sampeng Market? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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