Sansab… a delicious Thai Isan Restaurant

Sansab is a modern Thai Isan Restaurant (North Eastern Thai restaurant) that you can find in the shopping malls and community malls in Bangkok. I wanted to try the food here, but had no chance because there is always a long waiting line in front of the restaurant.

Last Saturday, while my friend and I were looking for the restaurant at Terminal21 shopping mall, we found out that the line in front of the restaurant was not that long as usual. So, we decided to try it.


The atmosphere inside the restaurant was clean, lively, modern, and casual.


We ordered 4 dishes: Sansab Salad (Thai green papaya salad), grilled chicken with black sticky rice, spicy pork liver salad, and khanom chin (rice noodle).

 SanSab03 SanSab04

After the first few bites, I then understood that why the line was always long. The taste was really great; the salad was tasty and the chicken was crispy. As you may know, Isan food usually tastes better when eating at the stalls on streets. But this restaurant is an exception. My friend and I liked every dish that we ordered!

If you want to try Isan food and you do not want to eat on street, I do recommend this restaurant. Well, do not forget to tell the staff to make the food milder or less hot, if you are not familiar with the spicy food.

Update: March, 2015

Location:  Currently the restaurant has 9 branches in Bangkok. I went to Terminal21 branch; it is located at 5th floor, near Food Court area. Just go up until you see the big Golden Gate Bridge. Another branch that can be reached by BTS Skytrain is Siam Paragon branch (4th floor).

Opening Hours: Everyday from 10.00-22.00

Price: Around 240 per person

Website: (only Thai language is available.)

Have you ever been to Sansab Restaurant? Do you like it? Share you thought with me in the comment!

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