Scams in Bangkok

Scammers are everywhere! I almost was scammed while traveling in Berlin, but, luckily the other tourist around helped me. If he had not helped me, my holidays would be ruined. I have warned you about the scams in Bangkok once in this post , but I think I should bring it up and emphasize about this once again because I do not want these scams happens to anyone.


The most popular scam in Bangkok is, of course, the temple is closed because temples are one of the must-see in Bangkok. The scammers fool both tourist and local, but many local know about this. They work as a team. One of them would tell you that the temple is closed. Then, the other would sell you a tour when you do not know what to do; it might be to visit jewelry stores, floating markets, temples, or other places. This also includes the grand palace and other attractive places; they might tell you that the grand palace is closed.

So, my recommendation is walk away from these guys. Do not listen to them; just keep walking to the entrance of the places that you want to visit. Try to talk to the officer, instead of the guys standing in front of the places.

The other scams would be selling bus/ train tickets in an expensive price. If you plan to visit Thailand or Bangkok, in order to stay safe I recommend you to read this post and also the scams section in wikitravel first.

Have you ever been scammed while traveling in Bangkok? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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