Seasons Change… the story of musical students

I have recommended you a movie named The Teacher’s Diary last week. Have you watched it? Do you like it? If your answers are yes, I would like to recommend you Season Changes, a movie about musical students which was produced from the same director.

Seasons Changes is the story about musical students. The story begins with Pom, a guy who decided to attend a music school because of a girl named Dao. Dao does not know that Pom likes her; actually she does not even know him. Pom’s parents do not know that he is now in musical school; they want him to be a doctor. While studying there, Pom gets to know Aom, who soon becomes his best friend. Along the year, the seasons change from summer to rainy, and to winter, and the feelings of Pom toward things also change. Finally, he has to choose between Dao and Aom, and between his rock band and the orchestra.

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This Thai romantic comedy is one of my favorite Thai movies. It is not just about the story of love in high school, but it is also about choosing what to do in life. Nowadays, thing that we always see about the education in Thailand is many Thai teenagers are forced to study what their parents want, not what they want. The parents might not force their children directly, but they keep telling them what they want them to be. It is a classic teenage problem that we hear from time to time.

This movie opened my eyes. At that time, my world was so small. I had never known about the musical school before. I realized from this movie that in Thailand, we have a musical school. I think this movie is not just for teenagers, but also for their parents, who should allow their kids to choose their own careers and lives.

Here is Season Changes Trailer (Unfortunately, I could not find the international one).

Have you ever watched Season Changes? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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