Shifen Waterfall… the Niagara of Taiwan

Shifen Waterfall is one of the famous waterfalls in Taiwan. I wanted to go there because it is claimed to be the Niagara of Taiwan. It is located at Pingxi District, New Taipei City.

From Taipei main station, I took a train to Rueifang station and transfer to another train (Pingxi Branch Rail Line) to Shifen station. I bought one day pass ticket because with this ticket I could get off at other stations without paying more.

While getting closer to the destination, I saw the signs telling people who wanted to go to the waterfall to get off at Shifen station and do not walk on the train tracks. I guessed there was a shortcut to the waterfall and some people used that route because from Shifen station I had to walk around 30 minutes to the waterfall.Shifen01

After getting off from the train, I saw the map, but, as always, without English language. And again, it rained! But luckily, it did not rain so hard. So, I walked to the waterfall with an umbrella.Shifen02

I walked, walked, walked, and walked. Since it was quite early, I did not meet many tourists. Finally I saw the entrance gate. This waterfall is privately owned, so I had to pay in order to go inside. Shifen03

And the waterfall was worth the price of admission. But honestly, I have never seen the Niagara Waterfall before, so I could not tell you the similarities and differences between these two waterfalls. Shifen04 Shifen05

Then, I walked back to the train station. I love the buildings, shops, and things around. I think they are charming. It was not crowded as I expected, maybe because of the rain. Shifen06 Shifen07 Shifen08

I waited for the next train to go to Pingsi station. The shops around were so cute. I also went to Jingtong station (terminal station), but there was nothing much to see there. Shifen09 Shifen10 Shifen11 Shifen12

All in all, it was a great day. Shifen waterfall is worth a visit. If you plan to visit Shifen waterfall, I do recommend you to buy one day pass and visit Pingsi too.

Have you ever been to Shifen Waterfall? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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