Shoes and Bags that you can find at The Platinum Fashion Mall

Do you know The Platinum Fashion Mall?

It is a big indoor wholesale and retail mall where you can buy clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories at a cheap price. I wrote about this mall once. In the post, I introduced you the buildings, floor plan, what you can find in the mall, what you should prepare before going to the mall, how to go the mall, and opening hours.

Since there are some people searching for shoes and bags in The Platinum Fashion Mall and visiting my blog, in this post I intend to show you the types of shoes and bags that you can find in this shopping mall.

The whole three floors (from 3rd floor to 5th floor) of the smaller building (this mall has 2 buildings) are dedicated to shoes and bags, so it is very convenient for the customers to find the products they want.


Let’s start with the bag first.

Backpack bags are available here at around 300-500 baht (do not forget that you can negotiate to get the cheaper price).


Jean bags and PVC bags also could be found here.


Glamorous women’s night purses and women’s handbags

ThePlatinumFashionMall20 ThePlatinumFashionMall21 ThePlatinumFashionMall22 ThePlatinumFashionMall23

This mall also has several types of shoes.

Sport and leather shoes for men



Sandal and casual shoes for women


Booth shoes (even if I have never seen snow in Thailand…haha)


Flat shoes and working shoes




Glamorous women’s night shoes and leather shoes


And also kid shoes!


I hope this information is useful. If you decide to go shopping at this mall, I recommend you to read this post first in order to save your time while wandering around the mall. There are 2,000 shops here. I do not think you can walk around this mall in one day!

Have you ever been to Platinum Fashion Mall? Did you enjoy shopping there? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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