Shopaholic… a Thai short film teaching us not to cheat

Shopaholic is one of fifteen Thai short films under Growing Good project, a project of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration that aims to empower Thai youths by teaching about ethics and social values. All fifteen short films are produced by Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and GMM Grammy.


Shopaholic is a story of a shopaholic who is going to leave a shopping mall, and then realizes that she does not have to pay a car parking fee if she purchases more than 500 baht. She decides to go back to the mall to shop a little bit more. Finally, she does not have to pay a parking fee, but… Watch the film! Then, you will know what she has to pay. This 10-minute short film is so funny and also gives us a moral lesson.

This is the original video on YouTube from GTH On Air Channel which has no English subtitle.

And here is the video with English subtitle which is done by a group of people who support Ice Preechaya Pongthananikorn, the main actress in this film.

Unfortunately, I could not find the video links of the other short films under this project with English subtitle. If you want to watch them and have some Thai language skill, you can watch them here

Have you ever watched Shopaholic? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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