Shopping markets and shopping malls in Bangkok

Many people visit Bangkok just for the shopping experience (Well, I have to say that Bangkok has more than that!). Bangkok is claimed to be a “shopaholic’s paradise”. The shopping malls and markets are all over the city! I have review several shopping places (malls and markets) in Bangkok here. But, which one is worth visiting or good for you?

First of all, I have to ask you some questions. Are you looking for luxury stuffs or cheap stuffs? What do you want to buy?

If you are looking for luxury stuffs, of course you cannot find them in the markets. You have to go to the malls. And I already recommended you 8 shopping malls which are located in a walking distance. In these 8 shopping malls, I personally go to Siam Paragon and Central World. If you feel like these 2 malls are not luxury enough, you can go to Central Embassy, the most luxury and newest malls in Bangkok.




If you want cheap stuffs, the markets around the city are waiting for you. The market that you should not miss is Chatuchak Market, the biggest market in Bangkok and also in Thailand. People claimed that you can find whatever you want at Chatuchak Market.


Another market that you should not miss is The Platinum Fashion Mall. This is a big market that you can buy clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories at a cheap price. Well, I have to warn you that most products there are for female!


Since Chatuchak Market sells everything and the shops are not organized well (I always get lost there), some people especially girls prefer to shop at The Platinum Fashion Mall more.

For amulets, I recommend you to go to Tha Phra Chan Market and you should go there with an expert.


In case that you want to buy both luxury stuffs and cheap stuffs, I recommend you to go to MBK Center. This mall is also near those 8 shopping malls that I recommended you in the beginning of the post.


Hope this post helps you choose the shopping place. Enjoy shopping!

Have you ever been to Bangkok? Do you like the shopping malls and markets here? Share your shopping experience with me in the comments!


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