Shopping places in Bangkok for teenagers

Bangkok is a great city for shopping. Some shopping places are popular among teenagers, while some shopping places are popular among office workers. In this post, I am going to recommend you shopping places for teenagers; the places that Thai teenagers going out for shopping.


Siam Square – Siam Square is an area that is full with shops on streets and alleys. You can expect to see independent restaurants, cafes, bookstores, boutiques, game shops, and tutorial schools here. It is a popular meeting and shopping place for Thai teenagers and young adults.

Siam Square is full with high school and university students on weekends and in the afternoon on weekdays. Many teenagers come here after classes at schools to shop trendy stuffs. You can see my review of this area here.

Well, I have to tell you that things selling in this area are not cheap. If you expect something cheap, I recommend you to go to the next two markets that I am going to recommend.

Chatuchak Weekend Market – This market is well-known for its size and unique experience shopping market. Chatuchak Weekend Market is big; it contains more than 15,000 stalls and you can find whatever you want here. Many shops are owned by Thai teenagers or young adults. It is a popular place for shopping not only local, but also tourists. At this market, you can expect to buy cheap stuffs especially if you have a good bargain skill. You can see my review of this market and tips to survive in a maze of stalls here.

Pratunam Market – This market is specialized for fashion clothing and accessories. To get the discount, you have to buy more. Teenagers shop at this market when they want to buy trendy clothing in cheap price. You can see my review of this market here.

If you are a teenager, these three places are great places to shop. Enjoy shopping!

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