Should I rent a car to travel in Bangkok?

Should I rent a car to travel in Bangkok? If you ask me this question, it means you have never been to Bangkok before and you do not really know Bangkok. And, my answer to this question is ‘Definitely not!’. Let me explain the reasons why I say no to renting a car in Bangkok.

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Bangkok Traffic is horrible

It really is. In Bangkok, you can expect to face traffic jam not only in the early morning while people are going to the office and in the evening while people are going back home, but also during the day. Many areas in Bangkok have less traffic congestion only at night; I mean after 21.00 to 5.00 in the morning. And when I say traffic jam, I mean you have much chance to sitting in traffic for 10 minutes and moving a few distance, and then sitting in the traffic again.

Car parking can be expensive and finding a car parking space takes time

In Bangkok, many times it is difficult to find a car parking space in the places that you go. From my experience, it always takes me more than 15 minutes to find a car parking in shopping malls, and sometimes it takes more than 30 minutes! Even if we have many shopping malls in Bangkok and even if the shopping malls dedicate big space for car park, it has never been enough.

Car parking can be expensive in many areas in Bangkok. It might be cheap or free for only first couple of hours. Then, you can expect to pay 20 baht for the next few hours and then 50 baht for the next few hours.

Driving in the middle of motorcycles can upset you

Hundreds of motorcycles are on streets in Bangkok. The motorcycles driver always rides between lanes of traffic. They usually zip past your car. Many people said that what we have to be most careful while driving is motorcycles!


All in all, Bangkok offers you effective transportation systems such as BTS Skytrain and MRT Subway which can access to major areas in the city. In case that the place you want to go cannot be reached by public transportation, I do recommend you to take taxi which is so cheap here.

Hope this information helps.


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