Siena… A medieval city in Tuscany

From Pisa, instead of going directly to Florence, the tourist destination, I stopped at Siena. For me, Siena is less famous than Florence and Pisa, but I had heard that this city was also worth visiting.

I took this train from Pisa to Siena. It was the shortest train I had seen in Italy. At first, I even was not sure that it was going to take me to Siena. So, I asked the other passengers around and also the train officer to make sure before I got on the train.


After getting off from the train, I took a bus to Siena’s city center. The first thing I did before exploring the city was checking the bus schedule to Florence which was my next destination. After knowing the schedule, I started wandering the city. As expect, this city was not big; the major attractions were in a walking distance.

I like how they decorated the windows and the buildings.

 Siena02 Siena03

But when I looked closer, I saw… Oh, luckily I was there when there was light!


The city streets were not different from the other Italian cities. On that day this city was quite packed and very warm.

 Siena05 Siena06

Then, I saw many people standing in front of one old building. So, I followed them. And when I came closer, Wow! I saw a beautiful ceiling.


Next attraction was Piazza del Campo, the main city square. There were many cafes and restaurants around the square, but the most noticeable buildings were Town Hall and Palazzo Sansedoni, the large red building.

 Siena08 Siena09

Then, the beautiful Duomo or Cathedral.


The street in this city looked classically old.

 Siena11 Siena12 Siena13

And do not be surprised if you see the clotheslines. Hanging the clothes like this is not common in my country. At the beginning when I traveled in Italy, the buildings with clotheslines made me amazed, especially in Venice, where people hang their clothes on the lines over the canals. But this is how Italian dry their clothes.


As always, before leaving a city in Italy, I had to try gelato. And ice cream in Italy was always delicious for me!


Have you ever been to Siena?  Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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