Sing Thai Songs in Sydney

The area called “Chinatown” exists around the world. I have seen Chinatown area in many cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Amsterdam, and of course Bangkok. What you can expect from Chinatown is Asian restaurants and Asian shops where you could buy ingredients to cook Asian foods.

Sydney surprised me with “Thaitown”. We could eat Thai foods, buy imported Thai products, and even rent Thai video in this area. It is located in Haymarket near Chinatown.

I felt like there were many Thai living in Sydney because there were Thai restaurants around the town, not only in Thaitown. Besides, I also heard people talking in Thai language when I walked on the street.

What made me surprised even more was Thai songs were available in karaoke box in Sydney. My friends and I went to a karaoke box to celebrate my friend’s birthday. We rented a room for seven people for two hours.

Karaoke01 Karaoke02

The room was not decorated nicely like the room in Bangkok. Actually the room was quite old, and the equipment was not luxury.

We ordered some drinks, but not food because the price was quite expensive. Anyway, it was so great that they have many Thai songs. Singing Thai songs together while living abroad alleviated my homesickness. And, we had a great time that night.

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