Singapore… My first time abroad

My first time abroad was in Singapore in 2005. Since it was the first time going out of Thailand, I was very excited with almost everything I met during the trip. At that time my cousin was working in Singapore, so I had free accommodation.

I did not remember everything during the trip, but I remembered that I was excited and surprised with many things in Singapore. My first dinner in Singapore was at Suntec City Mall. Then, we waited there in order to see the light performance.

While waiting in a long line for a cab to return to the hotel, I was very surprised that everyone was waiting in a line and no one jumped the queue. I started to learn that this country was nice and orderly.



I usually took MRT while traveling around, and I impressed with the MRT that leaded me to many places in Singapore conveniently. Well, at that time, BTS Skytrain and MRT subway were not available in Bangkok yet.


I went to Jurong Bird Park and Sentosa theme park. And I later learn that I do not like visiting zoo and theme park much.


Taking photos with Merlion was like a must-do when visiting Singapore. And just a few meters away from the Merlion was Esplanade, another Singapore’s landmark.



Singapore was not far from Thailand, but the weather was quite different. It was not that warm like in Thailand. I enjoyed walking on the streets there and the area that I loved most was Clarke Quay. Singapore08

It was a great 5-day trip. I had a chance to visit Singapore again in 2009. At that time, I had a chance to see Singapore from the top from Singapore Flyer, a giant Ferris wheel in Singapore. Anyway, from what I saw from the TV program, Singapore changed a lot during the past few years. So, I want to revisit this country once again. Hope I could make it soon since Singapore is not far from Thailand.


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