Snow days in Karlskrona

I arrived Karlskrona in August 2012 and lived there for a year. At the time, summer had just gone. I did not enjoy the fall much. I did love the beautiful color leaves, but it was very windy (Karlskrona is surrounded by the sea). And of course, it was so cold.

I knew that I was about to see a lot of snow. It was not my first time seeing snow, but I had never lived with snow before. I did wait for the snow because I did not like the foggy days. Living in the misty town for so many days made me depressed and homesick. And my friend told me that this kind of weather would be gone when snowing. So, I waited for the snow. Waited, waited, and waited.


And one day when I woke up in the morning, I saw this view from my bedroom window. Yeah…Finally it snowed!


Everything in the town turned to be white like in the movies I had seen! And I loved it even if it was freezing cold!!

 Snow04 Snow03

Even the football field was also white.


And one day the surface of the sea became ice! Students could walk, run or even ride bicycles on the sea.


But the snow was not beautiful everyday like I thought. It was just only the first or second days that it looked nice. Then, after snowing two or three days, snow became dirty slush. It was slippery and difficult to walk. And, I had to live with the slush until it melted away.


I was excited with the first snow in town; I did not know I had to live with snow for about 6 months! It was such a long winter!! It was long enough to make me realize why people wait for spring and summer. I did miss the sunshine and the bloom. Living and dealing with weather in Sweden was not easy for me, but it was one of the best experiences in my life!

Have you ever been to Sweden? Have you ever lived with snow for haft a year? How do you feel? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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