Songkran 2015 in Thailand: Seven dangerous days

In Thailand, we have a so-called “Seven Dangerous Days” twice a year which is during New Year and Thai New Year. During these two festivals, many people will travel from Bangkok back to their hometown to celebrate the festivals and meet their relatives, and travel back from their hometown to Bangkok to work. So, it usually increases the traffic congestion on the road and also the accident cases.

I have warned you that during Songkran festival, don’t drink and drive because every year there are many road accident cases during the festival and the majority reason is drunk driving.

If you cannot imagine the number of people travel during the festival in Thailand, see the photos below which were taken at bus station and train station where people take the bus and train from Bangkok back home during the festival.

Image Source
Image Source

I do not like crowded places and I do not like waiting in a long queue, so I myself try not to travel in Thailand during the festival.

During this long holiday we see the news about the Songkran activities happening around Thailand and we usually see the news about the road accidents too. This year, 2015, we started counting the accident cases for “Seven Dangerous Days” from 9 April to 15 April. And this is the number of road accidents, deaths, and injuries of this year. In total, 364 people were killed, 3,559 injuries and 3,373 accidents. The numbers are higher than last year and the majority cause of accidents are drink driving, followed by speeding.

The number increases! Sigh! So, believe me, don’t drink and drive!

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