Sood Sanae Ha… a Thai romantic comedy lakorn

Sood Sanae Ha is a Thai romantic comedy lakorn that was originally aired in 2009 on Channel 3. The lakorn stars Theeradej Wongpuapan (Ken) and Anne Thongprasom.


Sood Sanae Ha can be translated as “Love Recipe” in English. It is the story of Alin, a 30 year old leading actress who starts having problems in her career because of her age and younger starlets. At the same time, Alin is also looking for a perfect man to marry and Lek Anucha, a TV cooking show producer, is her target. When she is approached to be a host of this show, she is doing her best in order to get this job. Alin cannot cook, so she hires Chef Din to teach her to cook and then she gets a job. Din continually teaches her and helps her. While Alin is trying to catch her perfect man, the relationship between Alin and Din is gradually developed. Finally Alin has to ask herself again about a guy in her dream and a guy who makes her happy.

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This lakorn is built based on a novel named Sood Sanae Ha of Kingchat. I am a fan of Kingchat. I love all her novels, but many times I was disappointed with lakorns built based on her novel. So, I did not expect much about this lakorn in the beginning. Actually I did not watch it when it was aired. I watched it on Youtube years later and I was really really surprised. This lakorn is an exception. It was really good. The screenwriter, actors, actresses, and producers did a great job.

For me, the charming point of this lakorn is Alin’s characteristic. She is not a good girl like leading roles in other Thai lakorn, but she is stubborn and spoiled. Well, she will make you laugh and cry and finally you will love her. I love every part of this lakorn and I always come back to watch it again and again.

Nowadays it seems like it is not difficult to find Thai lakorn with English subtitle on the internet. If you are a Thai lakorn lover and finding one to watch, I recommend Sood Sanae Ha.

Have you ever heard of ‘Sood Sanae Ha’? Have you ever watched it? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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