South Bank Parklands… I love the arbour walk way

South Bank Parklands are located on the southern bank of Brisbane River in South Bank, Brisbane.It was the place that I always had a walk when I lived in Brisbane.

What made me love these parks most was the beautiful arbour at the entrance to the parks. This floral arbour always took my breath away.


The walk by the river was delightful. I loved looking at the Brisbane CBD across the river.

 SouthBankParklands04 SouthBankParklands03

During my stay, the wheel of Brisbane was building in the parklands, so I did not have a chance to see the panorama view of the city through it. SouthBankParklands02

There were several interesting things in these parklands. If you go to the parklands, do not forget to visit the Nepal peace pagoda. The pagoda caught my eyes because of its architecture. It had been built in Nepal for 2 years and shipped to Australia for the Expo. After the Expo, both government and private worked together to donate money in order to keep the pagoda in Brisbane.


If I am not wrong, on the first Sunday of every month there was market selling things from local designers.


Inside these parklands there was a man made beach which is called Streets Beach. When I was there, I did not see many people in the pool and on the beach. I guessed because it was a winter. I knew this beach would be crowded during summer.  


All in all, South Bank Parklands are gorgeous parklands. It is one of my favorite places in Brisbane. It is a good place to spend time with family and friends. This place was very clean; it was very well maintained. There are many shop, café, and restaurants; you can eat there or grab some takeaway and have a picnic in the parks.


Have you ever been to South Bank Parklands or Brisbane? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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