Spending half a day in Luxembourg

In spring 2012 my friends and I plan to visit The Netherlands. I think that spring is the best season to visit The Netherlands because it is a perfect time to see tulips. That trip we did not visit only The Netherlands, but we also visited Belgium and Luxembourg. We stayed in Amsterdam and Brussels for 3-4 nights each, but did not stay overnight in Luxembourg. From Brussels, we took a train to visit Luxembourg and spent only half a day in this little charming country.

I love visiting small countries such as Monaco and San Marino in Europe. I do love them all and Luxembourg is not an exception even if Luxembourg is much bigger than those two countries.

Since the city was small and the scenes were beautiful, we decided to get to know it by foot. When I first walked into the city, I was fascinated by its unique landscape. The country is full with layers.

Luxembourg01 Luxembourg02 Luxembourg03 Luxembourg04

The gray roof makes this city look different from the other cities in Europe.

Luxembourg05 Luxembourg06 Luxembourg07 Luxembourg08Luxembourg09

It is a picturesque city and it is a great place for a stroll. If you visit the cities around and you have time, I would recommend you to visit Luxembourg.

Have you ever been to Luxembourg? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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