Stationery Section in Tesco Lotus

Last 2 week or so, I have recommended you two of my favorite stationery shops named B2S which could be found in Central shopping malls, and BeTrend which could be found in ‘The Mall Group’ Shopping malls. Today I am going to take you around the stationery section in Tesco Lotus.

Well, I have to tell you that do not expect to find high-end stationery products here. Generally the products in the stationery section in Tesco Lotus are considered cheap, and the quality is not bad. This section is just a corner in the mall, but you can find the necessary things for school and also for office. Let’s see what you can buy here.

Pen and pencil can be found here. You can buy just only one item or more. The package for 3 items, one dozen, or more is available.


Cute pencil case, ruler, notebook, and liquid paper are also available.


Colored pencil sets, water color, paintbrush, palette, and drawing paper also could be found here.


Tray, file holder, bookend, envelop, and paper poster board.


Office supplies such as scissors, cutter, stapler, paper clip, scotch tape, Post-It, A4 paper and so on.


Update: December, 2014

Location/ How to get there:  Tesco Lotus has several branches not only in Bangkok, but also around Thailand.  You can check the nearest store from its website.


Have you ever been to Tesco Lotus? Do you enjoy shopping there? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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